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When the world renowned Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation's Cape Town’s Clinical Trials Unit (CT CTU) accreditation period ended in 2012, the experienced team at the CT CTU extended collaborations to other well established UCT clinical research groups within the University's Faculty of Health Sciences. This expanded the CTU to its current form which has 4 research sites and 2 affiliate sites.

The expansion saw the UCT CTU fully housed in the Institute of Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine (IIDMM) where the CTU enjoys the efficiencies, extensive support and considerable resources of the University.

The UCT CTU has over the years developed key performance indicators for successful grant implementation and delivery, with specialist expertise in Administration Support, Finance/Grant’s Management, Data Management, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Quality, Training and Regulatory Services.

Over the years we have mastered core value’s that ensure the proper functioning of our sites which ensures that they produce quality work that is of a global standard.