Community Engagement

The CTU Community Engagement Program covers 4 accredited and 2 affiliates CRS's. In terms of location, the CTU is geographically confined to the Western Cape, in and around the Cape Town area. Two of the CRS's are within walking distance of the Faculty of Health Sciences Medical Campus, the GSH CRS and the Lung Institute CRS. Emavundleni CRS's is situated out in Nyanga Crossroad and falls within the Klipfontein District. The SATVI CRS is in Worcester, which is in the Boland district,about 100 km from the Faculty of Health Sciences Medical Campus. 

We achieve this through:

  • Monthly community forum meetings
  • One way in which our community engagement occurs is via Community Advisory Boards (CAB's). Our CAB's provide a mechanism to harness the expertise of key stakeholders and offset potential power differentials that may exist between researchers and participating communities, this amongst other functions. CAB's are recognized by us as a key element of good participatory practice in trials (GPP, 2011) this along with a range of other stakeholder advisory mechanisms.

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