Communication Platforms

SharePoint Governance System 
We have customised SharePoint in Office 365 to support risk management and compliance by developing it into a performance management and governance system. 

Technology Solutions

  • Automated QMS System
  • Electronic versions of grant documentation saved in access controlled part of SharePoint, as a back up to the hardcopies
  • Automated electronic version of the DAID's Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) template to ensure that DAID's reporting timelines are met
  • Certification expiration solution 
  • Regulatory (electronic storage, version controlled and archiving solution), includes electronic version of submissions and annual reviews. Mimic’s the regulatory submission process flow
  • Document collaboration, multiple users are able to access the same document and make edits real time
  • Central calendar sharing
  • Project tracking solution mimics MS Project, milestones, reporting, tasks, projections and project reports
  • Document repository solution  

The UCT CTU Online Resource Centre 
The CTU Online Resource Centre is housed in the SharePoint Governance system. The look and feel is similar to that of Facebook. It is also accessed through a user and password controlled intranet portal link. The link is a gateway to numerous interactive communication platforms for CTU trial participants with a separate collaborative platform for CTU staff members. 


  • Houses web based Sponsor training initiatives
  • Online clinical trial workshops
  • In-house CTU courses
  • New CTU staff orientation programmes
  • Customer satisfaction index surveys
  • Skills development assessment tool
  • General CTU SOP's
  • Information on clinical trials best practices
  • Community engagement platform for CLO’s and CAB's

Technology Solutions

  • 1:1 chat service (users, are be able to instant message each other similar to Skype IM and Whatsapp)
  • Video streaming 
  • Conference video calling facility (similar to that of Webex)
  • Mobile device compatibility, for staff and trial participants who don’t always have access to computers 
  • Mass sms sending capabilities